Using a mobile device for ThruText

ThruText is a mobile-friendly site that works great on phones and tablets in any mobile browser so no separate app download is required!

You can access Thrutext on your phone or tablet by following the link to your assignment email or go to

1. Log in to your ThruText account within your device's browser and select your Organization. 

2. Click on the assignment you want to access from the list.

3. From within each assignment, you'll have three views to switch between: Messenger, Contact list, and the Surveys/Replies/Info tabs.


  • Click the send button to begin sending out conversations.
  • Click on the pink arrow to open the left sidebar menu with the contact list of conversations.
  • Click on the three vertical dots to open the right sidebar menu with surveys/replies/info tabs.

Contact list

Contact list:

  • Click on the X at the top of the left sidebar menu to close it.
    ​Surveys/Replies/Info tabs

Surveys/Replies/Info tabs: 

  • Click on the X at the top of the right sidebar menu to close it.

And that's how you can use the mobile view for texting!