About Self Assignment

A campaign with the self-assign feature enabled will allow message senders that have already been added to a campaign to assign themselves either batches of 300 initial messages and/or 300 additional messages after they have finished sending their initial assignment. These messages are pulled from 'Unassigned.' The Self Assign feature is optional, can be enabled or disabled in draft or active campaigns, can be adjusted to different batch sizes, and its default state is "off."

NOTE - To create a campaign without senders follow this guide for Preloading Campaign Creation.

Self Assignment is a great way to anticipate the campaign provisioning process!


Changing the default Self Assignment batch size for an account

Admins have the ability to adjust the self-assignment batch size of the entire account. By default, self-assignment is set to 300 conversations; however, they can adjust this default batch size to a smaller or larger amount with a maximum of 5000 messages

  • Click on the Self Assignment link found under the ThruText Tools dropdown to set a new batch size. 

Screenshot of a column of white text on a dark blue background under the words "ThruText Tools". There is a dark green solidly lined rectangle calling attention to "Self Assignment."

  • Click on the Self Assign Batch Size text box, (it will display "Default: 300" in a light gray text if the batch size has not been altered.)


Screenshot of black text on a beige background. A green rectangle calls attention to a number input box for Self Assign Batch Size. Immediately below is a dark pink "Save" button

  • Enter the desired batch size between 1 and 5000 messages.

This will change the batch size for all future campaigns; however, it will not affect campaigns that have already been created. To revert the global default batch size to 300 messages, delete the current amount listed in the text box and click save. The light gray "Default: 300" text will reappear in the box. 

NOTE - All initial messages must be sent before the reply interface will be available for senders to reply to messages.

Self Assignment at the campaign level 

The second option for adjusting the self-assignment batch size can be found in the "Senders" area during campaign creation or an active campaign. Users with moderator permissions levels (and above) can adjust the default batch size from the campaign. Changing the default batch size within a campaign will only affect that specific campaign and will not alter the global batch size or any other active campaigns.

Screenshot of dark grey text on a white background. There is a green rectangle calling attention to the "Self Assignment" section that has an un-checked checkbox.

Enabling Self Assign and adjusting the batch size

To enable self-assign, click the "Allow Self Assignment?" box on the Senders step of campaign creation, located on the second half of the page. (See image above.) Self Assignment can also be used in conjunction with Campaign Sender Invite Link.

What Self Assignment looks like for texters

Self Assign before first batch

A campaign with self-assign turned on will display a "Request Conversations" button on the message sender's assignment console. 

They will see this screen if they haven't been assigned any conversations yet:

A white background with a broken heart emoji above black text. Below, there is a blue button with white text surrounded by a green rectangle.

Self Assign for additional batches

When a sender has sent all of their initial messages and responded to all conversations, they will see this screen and can use the "Request Conversations" button to send more texts: 

Screenshot of 2 Request Conversations buttons in the Messenger.

NOTE - An admin must add a sender to a campaign in order for them to see & use the 'Request Conversations' button. Senders must send all messages before they will be able to reply or request more conversations. 

Self Assign can be used in conjunction with QuickSend! Enabling Self Assign will also maintain healthy batch sizes so that senders can access their replies in a reasonable amount of time. Learn more about batch sizes and QuickSend.