Launching a ThruText campaign without senders

NOTE - If you would like to use the "Self Assignment" function, you will want to follow this guide!

This article describes an approach to campaign creation where you add the senders at the end after the campaign is launched, which we call pre-loading. There are a few reasons why this may be useful - If you are planning in-person texting events, you will want to have all of your groups uploaded and campaigns created before the event. Then you can add your senders once they've arrived and gotten some training. Or, even if you're not doing in-person texting, you may have a bunch of campaigns you want to run, but you aren't sure yet who is available to send the messages. In either case, we've made it very easy to add senders after the campaign has been created as a draft or launched.

Campaign Pre-loading is a great way to accomodate ThruText campaign provisioning. To prevent messages from going out too early on campaigns launched ahead of time, using Campaign Pre-Loading, senders are added after launch and closer to the time when the campaign will be sent.

Campaign creation

As an admin, create your campaign, but with one crucial detail: For pre-loading campaign creation, you can skip the "Senders" step and press next, thus adding no senders to the campaign for now. You will add the senders later after your campaign's launch. 

For admins on QuickSend enabled accounts, toggle QuickSend on or off on the Senders page if desired.

Reviewing and launching your pre-loaded campaign

During the review stage, you can double-check that no senders are attached to your campaign. Once that has been verified, launch your campaign!

NOTE - If any senders are assigned, all conversations will be assigned. Self Assign will not work without conversations in "Unassigned."

After launch - adding senders

Because your campaign was launched without any senders, all of the conversations in the campaigns will be categorized as "Unassigned."  Here's what that looks like in the Conversations Overview tab of a launched campaign with no senders:

Screenshot of 1 name, "Unassigned" in a table of message senders. The black text is distinct against a white background.

Once you know who you want to send your messages to, go into the Senders tab on the campaign page and add the senders there. Only senders with a GetThru user profile and who have accepted the invitation to your organization can be added. You can search for senders by first name or last and add them by clicking on their name or the checkbox next to it.

Screenshot of two lists of names. The left list has unchecked checkboxes, while the right list has two names with checked checkboxes.

Alternatively, you can paste a comma-separated list of sender email addresses to the box below the Choose enders screen. Any emails in your list that match an email of a user on your account will trigger that user to be added as a sender on this campaign.Screenshot of a text input field for emails. No information has been entered, but dark grey default text is within the box "".

NOTE - Texters added to campaigns after launch will not receive an automated email announcing their assignment. To send an email, click the "Remind" button next to the sender's name.

Assigning messages

Once you've added your new senders on the Senders tab, you must reassign messages on the Conversations tab. Messages will need to be reassigned from "Unassigned" to the senders you've just added. You can do this in three ways: 

Prefer a video? Click here for our Reassignment Video.