Integrating your ThruText account with your VAN committee.

If you are looking to integrate your VAN committee to ThruTalk click here

The integration works two ways:

  • Import contacts from VAN into ThruText: Import a VAN List into GetThru to create a GetThru Group.
  • Sync data collected in ThruText to VAN: Responses recorded in ThruText survey questions can be written back to VAN Survey Questions, Activist Codes, Events, and Canvass Results. With the "Texted" status enabled, contact history is updated when a VAN-enabled campaign's initial messages are sent to each contact with a valid VAN ID.

To integrate your ThruText account and VAN committee:

  1. Request an API key from VAN.
  2. Send the following to
    • VAN API Key - We recommend sending the key itself using a site like or and emailing the link to Please also email the other information listed below to us in a separate email.
    • Application Name - The application name is provided by VAN and will look something like "READE.001.relaytxt" (or something similar)
    • The form of VAN - Votebuilder, EveryAction, etc.
    • The side of VAN - Would you like MyVoters, MyCampaign, or both configured?
    • The name of the ThruText account(s) you would like configured.

Getting Started

To get started, you will need a VAN API key to link your ThruText and VAN accounts. You can request the VAN API key and application name from within your VAN committee by navigating to the API integrations page in the sidebar. Then, you will want to click on "Request an API Key":
API integrations request a key page

NOTE - If you cannot find this page, you will need to contact your VAN administrator or the person who created your VAN account to request this information.

You will want to request a key for the"ThruText/Relaytxt" integration. Once you submit this request, a VAN support ticket will be opened where your VAN administrator can authorize the request:

Request an API Key submit request page

Once your key request has been authorized, you will be provided with a link to navigate back to the API Integrations page to generate your key:

API integrations request a key page generate api key

EveryAction/NGP8 users may require two keys - one for MyVoters and one for their EveryAction/NGP8 account. Please inquire with your VAN/EveryAction admins for your committee's API key needs.

Once a key has been generated, it will be listed in the same section, but in place of the 'Generate Key' button, there will be a '...' menu with an option for regenerating; this will disappear after 7 days to avoid unintentional issues with active integrations.

NOTE - If you regenerate your key, it will break any existing integration with your ThruText account until the new key is sent over to us at and applied.