ThruText Product FAQ

How do I get started with a ThruText account?

The first step is to request a demo. If you are already familiar with ThruText, you can select "Sign Up" to skip the demo and sign up for an account!

How quickly can I get started with a ThruText account?

ThruText accounts can be set up within a single business day after you sign the basic service agreement. However, 10DLC has added a 5-8 day wait on message sending while use cases are manually vetted. Please write to for more information on current wait time observations.

Does ThruText have an integration with VAN?

ThruText has 2-way sync with VAN. You can read more about our VAN integrations here. We also have an ActionKit integration and an overnight s3 sync!

Does ThruText work with ThruTalk?

Yes! ThruText and ThruTalk use the same interface and can share groups.

Who do I reach out to for more information about a new account? 

If you have some initial questions, please email

Can't find the information you're looking for?

For technical support, please contact:

For assistance with an invoice or payment question, please contact: