Contacts Uploaded

Group Contacts Uploaded


Once you've uploaded a group, we'll provide statistics and error messages for that list of contacts.

  • Valid: Contacts with textable, valid mobile phone numbers.
  • Unvalidated: Contacts with phone numbers that are pending validation. Please refresh your browser if you see a large number of items in unvalidated status after the group has been fully processed.
  • Invalid: Contacts with phone numbers that are not registered to a valid mobile carrier.
  • Opt-Outs: Contacts that are removed due to the phone number being previously opted-out on your account.
  • Errors: A total count of the rows affected by errors on import. The details are listed below the group stats box:
    • 'Row had a different number of columns from the header row.' - Validate your CSV is formatted properly with all rows having the same number of columns.
    • 'Row had invalid formatting (invalid CSV escape sequence).' - Validate your CSV is formatted properly. 
    • 'Missing or malformed phone number.' - The column in your CSV file mapped to phone number is either empty or does not contain the correct amount of characters for a phone number.
    • 'One or more columns exceeded maximum length (255).' - Fields are restricted to 255 characters and need to be trimmed and re-loaded.
    • 'Missing contact first or last name.' - First and last names are required fields. You can choose to populate them with placeholders like "supporter" if required.
    • 'Duplicate phone number.' - Groups/Campaigns will only have one contact per phone number; duplicates are removed for you.
    • 'Unknown error.' - Contact our Support team at if you need assistance.