How do I remove 10DLC banners from my account?

As of February 14, 2022, ThruText requires that all traffic sent to be registered with the 10DLC system. This requirement exists to ensure that your messages continue to be delivered and avoid incurring charges from mobile carriers.

If your brand registration or use cases are not verified with The Campaign Registry, or if you do not apply a use case to an older campaign, you will now see this message on your admin dashboard. You will not be able to create new campaigns or send messages on active campaigns until you complete your registration.

A send gate banner prevents you from continuing

How to Avoid Service Interruptions

If you haven't completed your brand or use case registration, or if you are a 527 political organization that has not submitted a Campaign Verify token, your account owner will need to do so immediately. If you have already completed your brand and use case registrations, you simply need to select a use case for all of your campaigns. Campaigns that do not currently have a use case will be flagged on the Active Campaigns page.

For old campaigns, use cases can be added after launching by navigating to the flagged campaign an clicking "Edit" at the top of the page. From there, select your Use Case from the drop-down. Once all your campaigns have a Use Case, the banners will be removed from your account.