In keeping with the ever-changing landscape of 10DLC, The Campaign Registry announced last week that the October 1st deadline for brand registration verification would be extended to November 1st. If you’ve not yet submitted your brand registration information there’s still time to do that and have your account verified. See our Help Center for detailed instructions.

While this announcement does shift some of the urgency related to 10DLC, we are still working hard to make sure your messaging can be compliant in advance of the new deadline. To that end, we wanted to share an important feature update and other guidance related to texting in a 10DLC world.   

Applying TCR Use Cases to ThruText Campaigns

We recently launched the ability to assign TCR Use Cases to your ThruText Campaigns. You’ll notice a new dropdown on the first step of the Campaign creation process which allows you to specify that campaign’s traffic as belonging to one of your registered Use Cases. You can read up on the details of that process here.

We are not currently requiring clients to apply Use Cases to campaigns, in part because the political use case is still not available for 527 organizations. We’ll provide ample notice if we do make Use Cases required in the future.  

From the Blog - 5 Ways Your Texting Program Can Avoid Complaints

Running a texting program in a 10DLC world means that, more than ever, avoiding recipient complaints should be one of your top priorities. We’ve rounded up 5 best practices to help you mitigate the potential for complaints and reach your intended audience. And here’s our latest guidance about 10DLC and opt-ins

GetThru U

We’re excited to announce upcoming sessions of ThruTalk and ThruText U on the 15th of October, just in time to level up your understanding of our tools for GOTV. We’ll be covering topics like 10DLC and building lists and scripts for election day calling as well as incorporating plenty of time for Q&A, so please join us!

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