New Account Owner Role in ThruText

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new permission level within ThruText — Account Owner! This permission level has been designed to identify the key decision-makers on a particular ThruText account and will make the process of gathering and sharing crucial account information easier and more targeted to its most relevant audience. Specifically, this role type will be responsible for entering required registration information related to upcoming 10DLC regulations in the future.

If you are the primary decision-maker on your ThruText account please claim ownership of it by logging in here. If you are not the primary decision maker, please forward this message to that individual so they may claim account ownership.

In the future, Account Owners will be responsible for entering financial and regulatory information on their ThruText accounts. We’ll have more to say on that soon but, for now, once you've claimed account ownership you’ll have the ability to elevate other users to be account co-owners. You can read more about Account Owner permissions in our Help Center.

New Feature

Our Active Campaigns Index page has a new look! Under the “Awaiting Reply” column, you can now see how many conversations are awaiting replies. When you click a hyperlinked number in that column, it will take you directly to the Conversations tab of that campaign, getting you right to your conversation management faster.

You can also now see when the last activity was on each campaign under the “Last Activity” column, which can help you keep your campaign lists neat and archived when they are done. You can read more about conversation clean-up and management in our Help Center.

Be on the lookout for more Active Campaign shortcuts coming soon!


If you’re looking to level up your Admin skills or just want best practices to start your new ThruText or ThruTalk campaign on the right foot, our Client Success Team has just what you need. Check out our training offerings here.