Craft an Initial Message - The initial message is how all of the conversations in your campaign will begin. 

Script - You can insert any standard or custom field into the message by clicking on that field's title in the dark gray bubbles above the message creation box. We recommend always using the name of the recipient and the sender to personalize the interaction:

If you do not see a desired custom field please check your attached group(s) to ensure that the custom field was added on upload.

Message Preview
When writing your initial message, make sure to use the message preview section to check your work. The preview will show display values for all custom fields you have selected so any un-substituted variables in the preview means something has been incorrectly configured. Please note that the name of the message sender in the Message Preview will be the admin editing the initial message. This will be updated in the system for every message sender.

A note on message length: We encourage you to keep your messages to under 160 characters whenever possible. Messages greater than 160 characters will be into two separate messages. Some carriers are able to "reassemble" the messages to display them as only one message to a recipient. Other carriers may show them as two messages. In some cases, the two messages can show up out of order. The only sure way to avoid this is to stay below the 160 character count.

Please check out our guide on Tips on Initial Message Creation for additional pointers!

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