Greetings from ThruText!

With Election Day fast approaching, we want to thank you all for the important work you’re doing. Over the last month, you’ve sent over 100 million messages crucially connecting with voters, volunteers, and donors during a time when the political, economic, and environmental landscape has grown increasingly volatile. To that end, we wanted to share some features, tips and updates coming to ThruText during these final weeks of election season.


MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (MFA): To help you keep your account even more secure, we’ve built multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the admins and moderators on your ThruText accounts. Click here for more information on how MFA works.

To enable MFA on your ThruText account, please reach out to and include your account name.   
GROUP SIZE INCREASE UPDATE: In our most recent newsletter, we announced a pending increase of group sizes to 100,000. After considerable testing, we’ve decided not to make this change prior to the election, as larger group sizes could hamper stability at peak loads. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, our priority is making sure the platform remains as stable as possible through the election.

For clients who want to run large campaigns (up to 100k), the best practice is to upload 5 groups of 20k and use all of those groups in your campaign targeting.


As we get closer to election day, we’re seeing ThruText traffic like never before, and unarchived campaigns hold onto precious local phone numbers that you or other organizations could use on new texting campaigns.

If you have active campaigns that you are no longer using, please archive them. A collective effort here will help everyone succeed!


BULK REASSIGN: Our new Bulk Reassign feature lets you easily move and manage conversations at the campaign level.

When you click the new Bulk Reassign button, you’ll be able to bulk unassign all conversations from your senders, and bulk reassign all or some conversations to different senders by status.
Click here for more info on all the different ways you can use Bulk Reassign.

JOIN CAMPAIGN LINK: Turn on the ‘Campaign Sender Invite Link’ to share with your active message senders. When your senders click the link, they will be automatically added to your campaign and given an initial assignment.
Click here for more information on using the Campaign Link.

US REGION: Select “US - All” from the regions dropdown menu, when creating a new campaign to select phone numbers from anywhere in the United States. Great for initiatives where locality matters less than getting those messages out there!

STRATEGY: Our blog, the GetThru Review has several strategic articles on getting the most out of your texting and calling program. Take a look at a few of our most popular posts: 


The GetThru Team