Greetings from ThruText!

With fall on the horizon and the election fast approaching, we’ve got new features coming your way to help you scale your texting efforts!


BULK REASSIGN: Keep an eye out for our new Bulk Reassign feature, which lets you easily move and manage conversations at the campaign level.

When you click the new Bulk Reassign button, you’ll be able to bulk unassign all conversations from your senders, and bulk reassign all or some conversations to different senders by status. Say goodbye to individually reassigning and hello to the time-saving of bulk conversation management! Click here to learn more.

JOIN CAMPAIGN LINK: We’ll soon be deploying a unique ‘join campaign link’ that you can share with your active message senders. When your senders click the link, they will be automatically added to your campaign and given an initial assignment.

Gone are the days of seeing who’s available to send texts in your Slack channel. Post the link to join campaigns and free up your staff’s time to do other important tasks.

INCREASED GROUP SIZE: Also coming to you soon is the ability to upload groups of 100,000 contacts. With our increased campaign size already live, the increased group size will help you to upload fewer groups to reach the campaign size limit.


FILTER RECOMMENDED REPLIES: Senders can now filter your campaign’s recommended replies in the messenger application. Recommended replies can be filtered by both title and body for keywords for easy, speedy responses.

US REGION: You can now select “US - All” from the regions dropdown menu, when creating a new campaign to select phone numbers from anywhere in the United States. Great for initiatives where locality matters less than getting those messages out there!

GetThru is hiring a part-time Quality Assurance (QA) specialist to start as soon as possible to help with QA processes for ThruText & ThruTalk. The ideal candidate will have experience with both ThruTalk and ThruText as an admin and as a caller/texter. Know someone who could be a fit? Here’s the link to apply today. The application deadline is Friday, September 4.

— The GetThru Team