Greetings from ThruText!

We’ve been working hard over the past few weeks to develop more features and fixes that will improve the ThruText user experience for both admins and message senders as we get closer to the election. Read on to hear what we’ve been up to!



INCREASED CAMPAIGN SIZE: You can now create and launch campaigns of up to 100,000 contacts in ThruText! 


We know that time is precious in an election cycle, so rather than breaking up those campaigns into small batches of 20,000 you can now use your groups to build larger campaigns with one click of the launch button.

Pro-Tip — Get your large campaigns up and running faster by selecting regions rather than individual area codes to ensure a successful, error-free launch.

CAMPAIGN TOOL TIPS: We've added helpful tooltips and clear labeling to our campaign creation wizard.


MOBILE OPTIMIZATIONS: We've made some adjustments to our mobile design to improve the user experience:

  • We've removed the 'Help' widget that would interfere with the send button on certain mobile browsers. You can still access support easily from the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of your assignments screen.

  • We've made it so both the top navigation menu and the send input are visible on mobile devices and tablets.
  • When you compose a message, the top nav is pushed up out of view, and after you send and hit ‘done’ on the keyboard, both the send input and top nav are visible again.



  • When creating a new campaign, the start time used to default to the next closest future hour, causing texters to see an empty inbox if they opened the assignment between the time of launch and the future start time. Now, the campaign start time defaults to the current time and can be adjusted as the admin wishes. 

  • We've made it so the end time on your campaign can never pre-date the start time of a campaign, a bug that would sometimes cause a campaign to appear to be "closed" when it was in fact open. 



Did you know: the FCC recently ruled that P2P texting systems requiring human intervention to send each message -- like ThruText! -- are not considered "Automatic Telephone Dialing Systems" (ATDS) and are thus not subject to the restrictions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Read more here.

Bringing new folks into your organization that need to be trained to administer your ThruText account? Feel like you could use a refresher course on our new features?

Fear not, our Client Success Team now offers a weekly ThruText Onboarding every Thursday. We cover all the basics, from managing your contact groups to best practices, so your team can get up and running efficiently!

As always, please send any questions or comments, preferences, or props to

- The GetThru Team

One more pro-tip - With the recent focus on virtual event organizing during Covid-19 we’ve noticed that some users are experiencing trouble with syncing Events with their VAN committee. Don’t forget, when syncing Events, VAN requires 3 things to sync - a shift, a role, and location - all three need to be filled out in VAN, even if your event is a virtual one.