New Keyboard Shortcuts: We've added five more keyboard shortcuts to the message sender. You can now navigate up and down in your list, archive, opt out, and request more conversations using your keyboard:

  • Pressing 'c' then 'a' will archive a conversation.
  • Pressing 'c' then 'o' will opt out a conversation.
  • Pressing 'c' then 'm' will request more conversations when you have finished your current assignment.
  • Pressing j or k will move down and up through your conversation or assignment list.
  • Pressing 'enter' or 'o' on a highlighted item will go to that conversation or assignment.
  • Pressing 'esc' when in the opt out confirmation box cancel the opt out menu.

Check out our user guide for a list of all our handy Keyboard Shortcuts.

Mobile Optimization: We adjusted a feature for mobile users where the conversation list would remain open and obscure the screen when selecting a new conversation from your list. It will now automatically close the conversation list when you select a new conversation in mobile.

Bug Fix: We fixed a bug for iOS users where inserting an apostrophe in the middle of a line of text in the message composition box of the messenger would jump your cursor to the end of a sentence.