Another day another exciting update announcement for ThruText!

New Keyboard Shortcuts: We've added three more keyboard shortcuts to the message sender. You can now jump between your profile page, assignments, and organization list using your keyboard:

  • Pressing ‘g’ then ‘a' will take you to your assignments page
  • Pressing ‘g’ then ‘p’ will take you to your profile page
  • Pressing 'g' then 'o' will take you to your organization list.

Check out our user guide on other handy Keyboard Shortcuts.

VAN Integration Update: ThruText accounts can now have two different API keys attached to them for the Voter Side and Campaign Side. This means that if your organization uses MyVoter for voter file data and EveryAction for your volunteer and event recruitment, you can now add each key to your single ThruText account rather than having to have a texting account for each one! If you use MyCampaign, there are no changes to the setup as that always used a single key. Please specify in your request if you wish a key to only be applied to voter or campaign syncs.

VAN Bug Fix: We fixed a bug where the "texted" status was failing to sync back to your VAN committee if it was turned on in your ThruText account. When turned on, now all initial messages sent to mapped and valid VAN IDs will show "Texted" in the Contact History of your VAN committee.