We’ve implemented a few updates and fixes this morning that make navigation and use of the application easier, for a more pleasant user experience.

URL Redirect: Now when you login or try to go to a specific page without choosing an account, the application will remember where you were headed when you select your account and redirect you there. For example, if you type www.thrutext.io/admin/groups and then select your account, it will remember that you wanted to go to the groups page and redirect you there on the account you selected rather than /admin/campaigns.

Improved error messages: We improved the information for the error messages when an attempt is made to send a message to an opted-out contact.

New Banner on Profile Page: If you have more than one organization attached to your ThruText profile, a banner will appear at the top your Profile page reminding you that any changes made to your profile are global across all of your organizations.

Header Search Bar Bug Fix: We fixed a bug that wouldn't allow you to search your headers while mapping your data in steps 3 and 4 of the Group Creation Wizard.

Download Link Bug Fix: We fixed a bug that showed an un-clickable 'Download' link on the Export page before the export had finished processing. The link will now only appear when the export is complete and ready for download.