Greeting from Team Relay,

Spring is traditionally the season of rebirth, and we are taking that spirit to heart in a big way at Relay. As of early April, Relay the company will be reborn as GetThru, and our texting product will be renamed ThruText.

We’ll be sending a longer note soon with more details, but for now you can rest assured that while our name is changing, the functionality of our texting tool will stay the same, including your logins. So when we make the switch, you’ll simply be redirected from to a new ThruText URL, where you will be able to log in and continue with your texting program with no disruption. 

Stay tuned for more details about our rebrand. And until then, we’ve got some exciting new features for you to check out!


We are excited to announce the release of our new self-assign feature! Message senders can now assign themselves 100 conversations at a time from the unassigned pool of messages, which should make it easier for experienced texters to take on larger assignments with less work from admins and moderators. Self-assign is optional and works on a campaign by campaign basis, with the default set to "off." The feature can be enabled or disabled within the draft or active campaign states, and will persist on a cloned campaign. Click here to read more on how it works.


Nightly s3 exports are out of beta and are now ready for any interested organization. We highly recommend this feature if your organization is pulling data into your CRM on a consistent basis. Click here to read more on how to get started.


  • Archiving Custom Fields — You can now archive custom fields that you are no longer using. This feature hides archived custom fields from view while uploading new groups to eliminate unwanted clutter from your field mapping. Archived fields can be unarchived later if you would like to use the field again at a later date.
  • New Archive Button on Campaign Index Page — We've added an additional archive button to the campaign index page for easier campaign cleanup and maintenance.
  • VAN Wrong Number Tag — We've updated the way wrong numbers are synced back to VAN over the API. Now, when you use the Canvass Result "Wrong Number" in your MyVoter integration, it will sync back the phone number that is in your Relay group and mark it as wrong in VAN. This update comes after VAN released the ability to mark a specific number rather than just the one that was listed as preferred.
  • New Invitations Creation Page — We added a drag-and-drop for bulk invitations while retaining the browse to CSV option.
  • Usage Page Revamp — We've updated our usage page to include a column for "messaged contacts" — unique contacts who have received a text from your account over the past month. Columns for the number of active contacts and the total outgoing messages sent remain available and unchanged.
  • Custom Fields for Exports — We’re in the midst of a major overhaul of our data exports. For Phase 1, we’ve added the ability for each account to select 1-3 custom fields, which are used in your data to indicate unique identifiers from your CRM/data warehouse (such as VAN ID, Constituent ID, or email). Simply check the "include in exports" box on the appropriate custom fields during creation or editing of custom field workflow. Currently, these fields will be included on your survey and opt-out exports.
  • And Coming Soon… For phase 2 we will be adding the same "include in exports" custom fields to both the campaign and account message exports. We will also be adding new exports for conversations and campaign overview and modifying the layout of the campaign and account survey exports for consistency.


  • We fixed a bug from the last release where some of the error messages on the group detail page were showing as "Unknown" instead of the appropriate error message
  • We fixed a bug where senders were receiving a "needs reply" email notification on conversations that had been opted out. The email notification would indicate to the sender that there were replies waiting, but when the sender would go to the assignment the conversation would not appear when the contact was opted out elsewhere on the account.
  • We resolved a bug where the freeform survey response that was typed into one conversation would carry over into the next conversation the sender selected. 
  • We fixed a bug where attempts to delete an account's users from the Users tab in the admin console would time out if the user had a large number of assignments.
  • We fixed a bug that allowed admins to launch a campaign without an initial script in place. If you attempt a launch without a script you will now receive the following error message: “Could not launch campaign: Script can’t be blank”.
  • We fixed a bug that wouldn’t let admins/moderators edit or add survey responses from the admin console. 
  • We fixed a bug that was making the survey results on the campaign 'show' page in the analytics section not update.


Finally, we wanted to remind you that our new 2019 pricing will kick in as of your April 1 usage. Our base rate of $.08 / message is still the same, but we’ve made some slight tweaks to the bulk discount tiers and changed our pricing and approach to per contact plans. We also now allow clients to prepay for bulk discounts regardless of when messages are sent. We sent a detailed announcement about pricing changes earlier this year, which you can read here.   

As always, please send any questions or comments, preferences or props to 

- Daniel for Team Relay 

P.S. March Madness is upon us and everyone loves an underdog (better luck next year UC Irvine Anteaters – what a run)! It’s what makes the NCAA tourney one of the most exciting sporting events of the year. And when small schools full of dedication and heart go head-to-head with the big dogs, it makes everyone better. Sadly, not everyone in politics has internalized that lesson.