MMS Messaging in ThruText

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service is the ability to send or receive pictures, GIFs, audio files, video files, etc.  In ThruText, we allow campaigns to receive MMS messages, but they cannot send them.  MMS messages will come into the application hidden from view in both the message sender and admin consoles. Both admins and message senders alike can choose whether to reveal the media or not. It is up to an organization to decide what MMS open policy is right for them and their use case.

We do not allow texters to send MMS messages with ThruText.

There are a few reasons why:

  1. We are always trying to make ThruText messages feel as personal and 1-to-1 as possible. Adding MMS generally goes in the opposite direction. Specifically, if campaigns start sending GIFs, videos, etc., at mass, it starts to make ThruText look and feel more like an advertising channel as opposed to a vehicle for one-to-one voter contact. While there could be some short-term lift from sending MMS (in part due to novelty), over time, using a lot of MMS in P2P text messages would lower the channel's effectiveness. 
  2. Allowing for MMS sending could increase the chance that state / federal agencies will want to put onerous restrictions on the use of P2P texting for voter contact.
  3. Sending MMS messages is much more expensive for us, so we would have to increase costs on those messages to you.