Incoming and outgoing calls within the Messenger

When you text someone through ThruText, the message shows up like any other text message. It comes from a 10 digit phone number (not your personal phone number) and recipients will read it in their normal text message application. That also means that they can call you back! Here's what happens when they do.

Note - Phone calls are not available on all ThruText campaigns.

When a recipient calls

When a recipient calls you back, they will reach a voicemail message that says the following:

"Thank you for calling [Organization Name]. The person who texted you has been notified of your call. You can also leave a voicemail after the beep." 

Some organizations provide custom voicemail messages for their account.

Phone call indicator 

When a recipient calls you, you will see a phone icon show up in your conversation with that person:

phone call indicator


If the recipient leaves a voicemail, it will show up in the conversation as well, and you can listen to it right there in the conversation interface:

phone call indicator

Call backs

Whether you return a recipient's phone call is up to you, and you should follow the guidance of whoever is running your texting program. But if you do want to call them back, just press the "click here" link as indicated above. When you do that, your personal cell phone will ring -- the number that you gave ThruText when you set up an account. When you pick up that call, you will then be patched through to a call to your recipient. The recipient will see the call coming from the same 10 digit number that texted them - your personal number is never exposed. You can also initiate a call to the contact by clicking the phone icon next to the contact's name in the conversation header.