Having a problem getting your campaign to launch? Can't figure out why your group won't upload?

Sending in a ticket to support@getthru.io is the fastest way to get all of your ThruText questions answered but the detailed info you give us can help make the process even faster! 

So help us help you by using these pro-tips from the ThruText Support Team:

Send as much detail about your issue as you can!

No piece of info is too simple and could potentially help us replicate your problem to quickly troubleshoot.

Explain your steps so we can recreate them. Is the issue happening when you try to do a certain thing? Is it happening all the time or just on a certain campaign or group? 

Send URLs to the specific campaign, group, or conversation where you are having trouble.

This helps us get right to the source of the problem rather than clicking around looking for it. You can copy and paste the URL from your browser. For example, the URL below is https://www.thrutext.io

Send screenshots!

Screenshots of your whole screen help us identify what's going on on your page and can sometimes give us detail that might not even seem important. (Screenshots of a narrow window of your page aren't always helpful so the whole picture can help us see everything that's going on).


Send us the exact error messages you are getting.

What does it say? What color is it? This is a place where a whole picture screenshot can be really useful if you can get it.

Tell us what organization you are working in if you are on multiple accounts.

When you send in a ticket, it will often only say your name and the email address you sent from so please let us know what account you are working in so we can quickly identify your issue.

If one of your volunteers or texters is having trouble with their account, tell us their name, phone, and email.

This helps us find them quickly and solve their conundrum. If you can, CC them on the email or have them email us directly at support@getthru.io so we can directly address the problem to them. No one likes a game of telephone! 

If you have a sales or billing-related question.

If you are interested in opening an account or learning more about our products, please visit www.getthru.io/get-started or send specific questions to sales@getthru.io. If you already have an account and have a billing-related question, such as billing rates or prepay status questions, please e-mail billing@getthru.io. You can send usage questions to support@getthru.io.