Dear Relayers,

For many of you, November 6 was the culmination of months and even years of intense, demanding work. Whether you won or lost (or your election is still in doubt), we salute you. We were honored to help so many inspiring campaigns this cycle, and we're truly grateful to everyone out there working to create progressive change.

For those wrapping up campaigns, we hope we have the chance to work with you again. In the meantime, we’re committed to continual improvement of our texting tools, including the latest round of features below. But first, a few housekeeping items.

Please let us know how we did this year and how we can make Relay better. Our post-election survey takes just 3 minutes to fill out (even less if you click fast).   

If you have open Relay campaigns that you are not using, please archive them. While we don’t charge you for keeping campaigns open, they do cost us money, so we appreciate you archiving those that are no longer needed. 

We are sending out November invoices early for political campaigns as we know many clients want to wrap up final expenses. If you haven’t received an early invoice and would like one, please email  


  • Regions -- In addition to selecting specific area codes, admins can now also select larger regions, which are made up of multiple area codes. For example, the region "Texas (All)" is made up of all of the area codes in Texas. If you select one of these regions during campaign creation, Relay will cycle through every area code in that region when attempting to purchase sending phone numbers for your campaign. You can use any combination of specific area codes and broad regions while creating your campaigns. Numbers will be purchased in priority order of the area codes/regions selected (1st, then 2nd, then 3rd region/area code). Read more here.
  • Campaigns Index -- We've updated our campaigns index (aka campaign landing page) to make navigating your campaigns easier than ever. Improvements include:
    • A new, faster sort/search feature that lets you find things quickly with the click of a button or a keyword search.
    • Sort by name, start date, or end date using the header row.
    • Enter text in the filter box to limit results.
    • Toggling between campaigns status while filtering will hold your search criteria in place for you.
    • We've added pagination to the campaigns index. You'll now see 50 per page so you don't have to scroll through every single one to find what you're looking for.
    • A new larger, font that makes reading your campaign names easier.
  • Groups Index -- We’ve made similar changes to improve the usability of the Groups Index (sorting, filters, pagination), and we’ve also added upload date on that page.   
  • Group Creation Wizard -- Group Creation has been reorganized into a new 5-step wizard to reduce confusion and improve user experience. This includes a final review step to check your field mapping before group creation. We’ve also added the ability to drag and drop a file for upload. Read more here.   
  • Users Index -- We’ve made similar changes to improve the usability of the Users Index (sorting, filters, pagination), and we’ve also added joined date on that page.   
  • Improved experience for message sending in paused/reassigned campaigns -- When attempting to send a message in a paused or reassigned conversation, message senders will now be redirected to their assignments page and will receive a more user-friendly error message. 


  • We resolved a bug that was restricting the deletion of some draft campaigns.
  • We resolved an issue where "new user" invitations were sent to users with existing accounts if different capitalization was used while creating the invitation.
  • We resolved an issue where cloning an old campaign with duplicated region/area codes would restrict changes to the campaign until the duplicated region was removed.
  • We fixed the format of permanent invitation links in the invitations page.

We collected some stats we thought you would find interesting. Since the beginning of 2018, more than 900 organizations and campaigns have used Relay to send over 150 million outgoing text messages. Those messages were sent by more than 28,000 unique message senders. Thank you again!   

As always, please send any questions or comments, preferences or props to

- Daniel for Team Relay