We've released the first of a series of updates that we are making to drive consistency and usability in your exports.

First, we're adding the ability for each account to determine 1-3 custom fields which are used in their data to indicate unique identifiers in their CRM/data warehouse (such as van_id, constituent_id, or email). Simply checkbox "Include in exports" on the appropriate custom fields during the creating or editing a custom field workflow.

For existing accounts, we've attempted to pick what looks like it might be important for your data-- but you can change these exportable custom fields at any time!

We've updated the nightly S3 exports, the campaign and account survey exports, and the account opt-out exports to start bringing in these 1-3 custom fields which allow you to easily identify data for import into other tools while minimizing the file sizes. 

Coming soon, we will add these same "include in exports" custom fields to the campaign and account message exports as well as applying a consistent format across export types. 

For information on how to review and select your custom fields for exports, review our article on custom fields here.